Technical Documentation


The jnxCosAtmVcTable, whose object identifier is {jnxAtmCos 1}, contains information about virtual circuits (VC) that have CoS configured.

Each jnxCosAtmVcEntry (object identifier is jnxCosAtmVcTable 1) is indexed using ifIndex, atmVclVpi, and atmVclVci, and contains the jnxCosAtmVcCosMode object. The jnxCosAtmVcCosMode object represents the mode of CoS queue priority for the VC.

There are two modes, strict mode and alternate mode represented by integer values 0 and 1 respectively:

  • Strict mode (represented by integer value 0): One of the four queues has high priority, and is always serviced before the other three queues. The remaining queues are serviced in a round robin fashion.
  • Alternate mode (represented by integer value 1): Even though one of the four queues has high priority, the servicing of the queues alternates between the high priority queue and the other queues.

Published: 2010-04-27