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Source NAT Table

Table 1 identifies objects in the Source NAT Table.

Table 1: Source NAT Table


Object ID



jnxJsNatObjects 1

Total number of dynamic addresses being translated.


jnxJsNatObjects 2

Table that exposes the source NAT attributes of the translated addresses.

When performing source IP address translation, the device translates the original source IP address or port number to a different one. The resource, address source pools, provide the security device with a supply of addresses from which to draw when performing source NAT.

The security device has the following types of source pools:

  • Source pool with Port Address Translation (PAT)
  • Source pool without PAT
  • Static source pool

This table contains information about source IP address translation only.


jnxJsSrcNatTable 1

Source NAT address entries. This object is indexed by the address pool table and the address allocated.

Sequence of parameters:

  • jnxJsNatSrcIpPoolName
  • jnxJsNatSrcGlobalAddr
  • jnxJsNatSrcPortPoolType
  • jnxJsNatSrcNumOfPortInuse
  • jnxJsNatSrcNumOfSessions
  • jnxJsNatSrcAssocatedIf


jnxJsSrcNatEntry 1

Address pool from which the translated address is allocated.


jnxJsSrcNatEntry 2

Name of dynamic source IP address allocated from the address pool used in the NAT translation.


jnxJsSrcNatEntry 3

Source NAT can do address translation with or without PAT. The source port pool type indicates whether the address translation is done with PAT, without PAT, or as a static translation:

  • withPAT—The security device translates both source IP address and port number of the packets.
  • withoutPAT—The device performs source NAT for the IP address without performing PAT for the source port number.
  • static—One range of IP addresses is statically mapped one-to-one to a shifted range of IP addresses.


jnxJsSrcNatEntry 4

Number of ports in use for this NAT address entry.

This attribute is applicable to only NAT translation with PAT.


jnxJsSrcNatEntry 5

Number of sessions in use for this NAT address entry.

This attribute is applicable to only NAT translation without PAT.


jnxJsSrcNatEntry 6

Index of interfaces associated with this NAT address entry.

For each interface, the value is a unique value, greater than zero.

Published: 2010-04-27

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