Technical Documentation

MAC History Changes Message

jnxHistMacChangedMsg object contains details of a MAC change notification event. It consists of several tuples packed together in the format tuple1, tuple2, ....

Each tuple comprises 13 octets in the following format: <operation><vlan><MAC><dot1dbaseport>.

<operation> is of size 1 octet and supports the following values:

  • 0-End of MIB object.
  • 1-MAC learnt.
  • 2-MAC removed.

<vlan> is VLAN number of the VLAN whose MAC address is being used and has size of 2 octet.

<Mac> is the Layer 2 MAC address and has a size of 6 octets.

<dot1dBasePort> is the value of dot1dBasePort for the interface from which the MAC address is learnt and has a size of 4 octets.

Published: 2010-04-27