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Static MAC List Authentication Bypass Table

The jnxStaticMacAuthBypassTable, whose object identifier is {jnxPaeExtensionMIBObjects 3}, contains a static list of MAC addresses specified by a user. The static MAC address list contains the MAC addresses of clients associated with a port. The clients whose MAC addresses are in the MAC address list are allowed to connect to the port without authentication. 802.1X or MAC authentication process is initiated for a connection request only when a matching entry is not available for the client in the jnxStaticMacAuthBypassTable.

The jnxStaticMacAuthBypassTable allows devices like printers that do not support 802.1X to connect to 802.1X–enabled ports.

Each jnxStaticMacAuthBypassEntry, whose object identifier is {jnxStaticMacAuthBypassTable 1}, contains the objects listed in Table 1.

Table 1: jnxStaticMacAuthBypassTable


Object ID



jnxStaticMacAuthBypassEntry 1

Specifies the MAC address of the client connected to the PAE port.


jnxStaticMacAuthBypassEntry 2

Specifies the VLAN to which the client is assigned.

Published: 2010-04-27

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