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J-Web Configuration Tasks

J-Web configuration pages offer you several different ways to configure your routing platform. Configuration pages provide access to all the configuration statements supported by the routing platform, so you can fully configure it without using the CLI. You can also manage the configuration, monitor user access, and set a rescue configuration.

Table 1 provides a summary of the J-Web configuration tasks.

Table 1: J-Web Configuration Tasks Summary

J-Web Configuration Task


More Information

Edit the configuration using a clickable interface

Expand the entire configuration hierarchy in the side pane and click a configuration statement to view or edit. The main pane displays all the options for the statement, with a text box for each option.

Point and Click (J-Web Configuration Editor)

Edit the configuration in text format

Paste a complete configuration hierarchy into a scrollable text box, or edit individual lines in the configuration text.

CLI Editor (Edit Configuration Text)

Upload a configuration file

Upload a complete configuration.

Upload Configuration File

View the configuration in text format

View the entire configuration on the routing platform in text format.

CLI Viewer (View Configuration Text)

Published: 2010-04-29