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IP Multicast Operational Mode Commands

Table 1 summarizes the command-line interface (CLI) commands you can use to monitor and troubleshoot IP multicast. In the table, the commands are listed in alphabetical order.

Table 1:  IP Multicast Operational Mode Commands



Clear Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) group members.

clear igmp membership

Clear IGMP snooping membership information.

clear igmp snooping membership

Clear IGMP snooping statistics.

clear igmp snooping statistics

Clear IGMP statistics.

clear igmp statistics

Clear Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) group members.

clear mld membership

Clear MLD statistics.

clear mld statistics

Clear Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) source active cache.

clear msdp cache

Clear MSDP statistics.

clear msdp statistics

Clear multicast bandwidth admissions.

clear multicast bandwidth-admission

Clear multicast scope.

clear multicast scope

Clear multicast sessions.

clear multicast sessions

Clear multicast snooping statistics.

clear multicast snooping statistics

Clear multicast statistics.

clear multicast statistics

Clear Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM) negative acknowledgments (NAKs).

clear pgm negative-acknowledgments

Clear PGM source-path messages.

clear pgm source-path-messages

Clear PGM statistics.

clear pgm statistics

Clear the Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) join and prune states.

clear pim join

Redistribute PIM joins among available links.

clear pim join-distribution

Clear PIM register message counters.

clear pim register

Clear PIM statistics.

clear pim statistics

Rebalance multicast tunnel (MT) interfaces.

request pim multicast-tunnel rebalance

Display the status of interfaces on which Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol (DVMRP) is configured.

show dvmrp interfaces

Display DVMRP neighbors.

show dvmrp neighbors

Display DVMRP prefixes.

show dvmrp prefix

Display DVMRP prunes.

show dvmrp prunes

Display members of IGMP groups.

show igmp group

Display members of IGMP groups by interface.

show igmp interface

Display IGMP snooping interface information.

show igmp snooping interface

Display IGMP snooping membership information.

show igmp snooping membership

Display IGMP snooping statistics.

show igmp snooping statistics

Display IGMP statistics.

show igmp statistics

Display members of MLD groups.

show mld group

Display members of MLD groups by interface.

show mld interface

Display MLD statistics.

show mld statistics

Display MSDP peers.

show msdp

Display multicast sources learned from MSDP.

show msdp source

Display the MSDP source-active cache.

show msdp source-active

Display MSDP statistics.

show msdp statistics

Display configuration information about IP multicast flow maps.

show multicast flow-map

Display multicast interface bandwidth information.

show multicast interface

Display multicast network configuration.

show multicast mrinfo

Display entries in the multicast next-hop table.

show multicast next-hops

Display configuration information about PIM-to-IGMP message translation, also known as PIM-to-IGMP proxy.

show multicast pim-to-igmp-proxy

Display configuration information about PIM-to-MLD message translation, also known as PIM-to-MLD proxy.

show multicast pim-to-mld-proxy

Display entries in the multicast forwarding cache.

show multicast route

Display multicast reverse-path-forwarding calculations.

show multicast rpf

Display administratively scoped addresses.

show multicast scope

Display announced multicast sessions.

show multicast sessions

Display multicast snooping route.

show multicast snooping route

Display multicast snooping statistics.

show multicast snooping statistics

Display multicast statistics.

show multicast statistics

Display most active multicast groups.

show multicast usage

Display sent or received NAKs.

show pgm negative-acknowledgments

Display PGM source-path messages.

show pgm source-path-messages

Display PGM statistics.

show pgm statistics

Display bootstrap routers.

show pim bootstrap

Display the status of interfaces on which PIM is configured.

show pim interfaces

Display PIM (*,*,RP) join and prune states.

show pim join

Display PIM data-driven multicast distribution trees (MDTs).

show pim mdt

Display PIM neighbors.

show pim neighbors

Display rendezvous points.

show pim rps

Display PIM source RPF state.

show pim source

Display PIM statistics.

show pim statistics

Display Session Announcement Protocol (SAP) addresses.

show sap listen

Test MSDP peers.

test msdp

Note: For information about the mtrace commands used to monitor IP multicast traffic in real time, see the JUNOS System Basics and Services Command Reference. For information about how to configure IP multicast, see the JUNOS Multicast Protocols Configuration Guide.

Published: 2010-04-28

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