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MX Series Router Interface Identifiers

Juniper Networks MX Series Ethernet Services Routers support several types of line cards, including Dense Port Concentrators (DPCs), Flexible Port Concentrators (FPCs) with associated Physical Interface Cards (PICs), Trio Modular Port Concentrators (MPCs) with associated Modular Interface Cards (MICs), or MICs. FPCs are populated with PICs for various interface types. DPCs and MPCs with associated MICs, and MICs support a variety of port configurations and combine the functions of FPCs and the PICs. The configuration syntax for each type of line card is the same: type-fpc/pic/port.

Ports are numbered from 0 through 9 for Gigabit Ethernet and Tri-Rate Ethernet copper interfaces. Port numbers are always 0 for 10-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

Note: In certain displays, the MX Series routers identify the Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE) rather than the PIC number. PFE 0 corresponds to PIC 0, PFE 1 corresponds to PIC 2, PFE 2 corresponds to PIC 1, and PFE 3 corresponds to PIC 3.

Published: 2010-04-20

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