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Channelized E1 and T1 PIM Properties

Channelized E1 and T1 PIMs on J Series routers provide support for ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) connectivity for dial-in and callback and for use as primary or backup network connections. You can configure up to 30 channelized E1 time slots (ce1-pim/0/port) or 23 channelized T1 time slots (ct1-pim/0/port) as an ISDN PRI group, with the 16th E1 time slot or the 24th T1 time slot operating as the D-channel to control the group of time slots as B-channels. These B-channels can operate unconfigured. The encapsulation type multilink-ppp, cisco-hdlc, or ppp is configured under the dialer interface.

For more information about configuring the dialer interface, see Configuring ISDN Logical Interface Properties.

E1 and T1 time slots unused by ISDN PRI can operate normally as DS0 interfaces. PRI B-channels run at 64 Kbps, but do not support the 56-Kbps line rate.

For more information about Channelized E1 PIMs, ISDN PRI connectivity, and the ISDN features they support, see the JUNOS Software Interfaces and Routing Configuration Guide for Security Devices.

Published: 2010-04-20

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