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Forms of the configure Command

The JUNOS Software supports three forms of the configure command: configure, configure private, and configure exclusive. These forms control how users edit and commit configurations and can be useful when multiple users configure the software. See Table 1.

Table 1: Forms of the configure Command


Edit Access

Commit Access


  • No one can lock the configuration. All users can make configuration changes.

    When you enter configuration mode, the CLI displays the following information:

    • A list of other users editing the configuration.
    • Hierarchy levels the users are viewing or editing.
    • Whether the configuration has been changed, but not committed.
  • No one can lock the configuration. All users can commit all changes to the configuration.
  • If you and another user make changes and the other user commits changes, your changes are committed as well.

configure exclusive

  • One user locks the configuration and makes changes without interference from other users.
  • Other users can enter and exit configuration mode, but they cannot change the configuration.
  • If you enter configuration mode while another user has locked the configuration (with the configure exclusive command), the CLI displays the user and the hierarchy level the user is viewing or editing.
  • If you enter configuration mode while another user has locked the configuration, you can forcibly log out that user with the request system logout operational mode command. For details, see the JUNOS System Basics and Services Command Reference.

configure private

  • Multiple users can edit the configuration at the same time.
  • Each user has a private candidate configuration to edit independently of other users.
  • When you commit the configuration, the router verifies that the operational (running) configuration has not been modified by another user before accepting your private candidate configuration as the new operational configuration.
  • If the configuration has been modified by another user, you can merge the modifications into your private candidate configuration and attempt to commit again.

Published: 2010-01-17