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File Management Operational Mode Commands

Table 1 summarizes the command-line interface (CLI) commands you can use to perform and monitor file management functions. Commands are listed in alphabetical order.

Table 1: File Management Operational Mode Commands



Remove contents of a log file.

clear log

Archive files or archive and compress files.

file archive

Calculate checksum using MD5 has algorithm.

file checksum md5

Calculate checksum using Secure Hash Algorithm SHA1.

file checksum sha1

Calculate checksum using Secure Hash Algorithm SHA–256.

file checksum sha-256

Compare two files.

file compare

Copy files.

file copy

Delete files.

file delete

List files and directories on the router.

file list

Rename files.

file rename

Display the contents of a file.

file show

List log files, display log file contents, and display information about users who have logged in to the router.

show log

Note: See also the monitor list, monitor start, and monitor stop commands, which are documented in Real-Time Router Monitoring Operational Mode Commands.

For information about how to configure file parameters, see the JUNOS System Basics Configuration Guide.

For information about related tasks performed by network operations center (NOC) personnel, see the JUNOS Baseline Network Operations Guide.

Published: 2010-04-28