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Fiber-Optic Ethernet Interface Specifications

Table 1 shows the specifications for fiber-optic interfaces for Juniper Networks routers.

Table 1: Fiber-Optic Ethernet Interface Specifications

Fiber-Optic Ethernet Interface



Average Launch Power

Receiver Saturation

Receiver Sensitivity

Gigabit Ethernet

Duplex SC connector


LH optical interface

49.5-mile 70-km reach on 8.2-micrometer SMF

1480 to 1580 nm

-3 to +2 dBm

-3 dBm

-23 dBm (BER 1012) for SMF

LX optical interface

6.2-mile 10-km reach on 9/125-micrometer SMF

1804.5-ft 550-m reach on 62.5/125- and 50/125-micrometer MMF

1270 to 1355 nm

-11 to -3 dBm

-3 dBm

-19 dBm

SX optical interface

656-ft 200-m reach on 62.5/125-micrometer MMF

1640-ft 500-m reach on 50/125-micrometer MMF

830 to 860 nm

-9.5 to -4 dBm

-3 dBm

-17 dBm

Fast Ethernet 8-Port

FX optical interface with MT-RJ connector

1.24-mile 2-km reach on 62.5/125-micrometer MMF

1270 to 1380 nm

-20 to -14 dBm

-14 dBm

-34 dBm

Published: 2010-01-29