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License Key Components for the EX Series Switch

When you purchase a license for a JUNOS Software feature that requires a separate license, you receive a license key.

A license key consists of two parts:

  • License ID—Alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies the license key. When a license is generated, it is given a license ID.
  • License data—Block of binary data that defines and stores all license key objects.

For example, in the following typical license key, the string JUNOS204558 is the license ID, and the trailing block of data is the license data:

JUNOS204558 aeaqea qmijhd amrqha ztfmbu gqzama uqceds

ra32zr lsevik ftvjed o4jy5u fynzzj mgviyl

kgioyf ardb5g sj7wnt rsfked wbjf5a sg

The license data defines the device ID for which the license is valid and the version of the license.

Published: 2010-01-20

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