Technical Documentation

CoS Services Operational Mode Commands

Table 1 summarizes the command-line interface (CLI) commands you can use to monitor and troubleshoot class-of-service (CoS ) services on the Adaptive Services PIC. Commands are listed in alphabetical order.

Table 1: CoS Services Operational Mode Commands



Clear CoS statistics.

clear services cos statistics

Display CoS statistics.

show services cos statistics

Note: CoS services are supported on the adaptive services interface on the following routers:

  • J Series—sp-pim/0/slot
  • M Series and T Series—sp-fpc/pic/port

CoS services are also supported on the redundant adaptive services interface (rspnumber) on M Series and T Series routers.

Note: For information about how to configure CoS services, see the JUNOS Services Interfaces Configuration Guide.

Published: 2010-04-28