Technical Documentation

Configuration Management Notifications

JUNOS Software generates the following traps when a configuration or a rescue configuration event occurs:

  • jnxCmCfgChange, whose object identifier is {jnxCmNotificationsPrefix 1}, contains jnxCmCfgChgEventTime, jnxCmCfgChgEventDate, jnxCmCfgChgEventSource, jnxCmCfgChgEventUser, and jnxCmCfgChgEventLog.

    Note: Because configuration rollback is handled by the master management process that uses the root user ID, the jnxCmCfgChgEventUser object in the jnxCmCfgChange trap always returns root as the user name for configuration rollback events.

  • jnxCmRescueChange, whose object identifier is {jnxCmNotificationsPrefix 2}, contains jnxCmRescueChgTime, jnxCmRescueChgDate, jnxCmRescueChgSource, jnxCmRescueChgUser, and jnxCmRescueChgState.

Published: 2010-04-27