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apsChanConfigTable lists the APS channels that have been configured in APS groups.

apsChanConfigEntry objects have read access only and are listed in Table 1.

Table 1: apsChanConfigEntry


Object Identifier



apsChanConfigEntry 1

A text name for the APS group in which this channel is included.


apsChanConfigEntry 2

A unique channel number within an APS group. The value 0 indicates the null channel. The values 1 through 14 define a working channel.


apsChanConfigEntry 3

The status of this APS channel entry. An entry cannot exist in the active state unless all objects in the entry have an appropriate value. JUNOS Software supports only 1+1 architecture.

The values 1 through 14 define a working channel. When an attempt is made to set the corresponding apsConfigRowStatus field to active, the apsChanConfigNumber values of all entries with equal apsChanConfigGroupName fields must be a set of consecutive integer values beginning with 0 or 1, depending on the architecture of the group, and ending with n, where n is greater than or equal to 1 and less than or equal to 14. Otherwise, the error inconsistentValue is returned to the apsConfigRowStatus set attempt.


apsChanConfigEntry 4

The interface index assigned to a SONET LTE. This is an interface with ifType sonet(39). The value of this object must be unique among all instances of apsChanConfigIfIndex. In other words, a particular SONET LTE can only be configured in one APS group.

This object cannot be set if the apsChanConfigGroupName instance associated with this row is equal to an instance of apsConfigName and the corresponding apsConfigRowStatus object is set to active. In other words, this value cannot be changed if the APS group is active. However, this value can be changed if the apsConfigRowStatus value is equal to notInService. JUNOS Software supports only read access.


apsChanConfigEntry 5

The priority of the channel. This field returns the value low priority. JUNOS Software supports only 1+1 architecture.


apsChanConfigEntry 6

The storage type for this conceptual row. Conceptual rows having the value permanent need not allow write access to any columnar objects in the row. For information about conceptual rows, see RFC 2579, Textual Conventions for SMIv2.

Published: 2010-04-27

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