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revert-timer seconds;

Hierarchy Level

[edit logical-systems logical-system-name protocols mpls],[edit logical-systems logical-system-name protocols mpls label-switched-path lsp-name],[edit protocols mpls],[edit protocols mpls label-switched-path lsp-name]

Release Information

Statement introduced before JUNOS Release 7.4.

BFD behavior modified in JUNOS Release 9.0.


Specify the amount of time (in seconds) that an LSP must wait before traffic reverts to a primary path. If during this time the primary path experiences any connectivity problem or stability problem, the timer is restarted.

If you have configured BFD on the LSP, the JUNOS Software waits until the BFD session is restored before starting the revert timer counter.

If you have configured a value of 0 seconds for the revert-timer statement and traffic is switched to the secondary path, the traffic remains on that path indefinitely. It is never switched back to the primary path unless you intervene.


seconds—Time in seconds.

Range: 0 through 65,535 seconds
Default: 60 seconds

Required Privilege Level

routing—To view this statement in the configuration.

routing-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Published: 2010-04-28

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