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(multicast | broadcast);

Hierarchy Level

[edit logical-systems logical-system-name protocols router-discovery address address],[edit protocols router-discovery address address]

Release Information

Statement introduced before JUNOS Release 7.4.


Specify when the server should include the IP addresses in router advertisement packets. On the same physical interfaces, some addresses might be included only in multicast packets, while others might be included only in broadcast packets.

If you specify multicast, the server includes the addresses in router advertisement packets only if the packets are multicast. If the router supports IP multicast, and if the interface supports IP multicast, multicast is the default. Otherwise, the addresses are included in broadcast router advertisement packets. If the router does not support IP multicast, the addresses are not included.


multicast if the router supports IP multicast; broadcast if the router does not support IP multicast.

Required Privilege Level

routing—To view this statement in the configuration.

routing-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Published: 2010-04-14