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link-discovery (active | passive);

Hierarchy Level

[edit protocols oam ethernet link-fault-management interface interface-name]

Release Information

Statement introduced in JUNOS Release 8.2.


For Ethernet interfaces on M320, M120, MX Series, and T Series routers, specify the discovery mode used for IEEE 802.3ah Operation, Administration, and Management (OAM) support. The discovery process is triggered automatically when OAM 802.3ah functionality is enabled on a port. Link monitoring is done when the interface sends periodic OAM PDUs.


(active | passive)—Passive or active mode. In active mode, the interface discovers and monitors the peer on the link if the peer also supports IEEE 802.3ah OAM functionality. In passive mode, the peer initiates the discovery process. Once the discovery process is initiated, both sides participate in discovery.

Required Privilege Level

interface—To view this statement in the configuration.

interface-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Published: 2010-04-20

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