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interface interface-name { disable;(aggregate | no-aggregate);authentication-key key;bandwidth bps;hello-interval seconds;link-protection {disable;admin-group {exclude [ group-names ];include-all [ group-names ];include-any [ group-names ];}bandwidth bps;bypass bypass-name {bandwidth bps {ct0 bps;ct1 bps;ct2 bps;ct3 bps;}class-of-service cos-value;hop-limit number;no-cspf;path address <strict | loose>;priority setup-priority reservation-priority;to address;}class-of-service cos-value;hop-limit number;max-bypasses number;no-cspf;no-node-protection;optimize-timer seconds;path address <strict | loose>;priority setup-priority reservation-priority;subscription percentage;}(reliable | no-reliable);subscription percentage {ct0 percentage;ct1 percentage;ct2 percentage;ct3 percentage;}update-threshold threshold;}

Hierarchy Level

[edit logical-systems logical-system-name protocols rsvp],[edit protocols rsvp]

Release Information

Statement introduced before JUNOS Release 7.4.


Enable RSVP on one or more router interfaces.


RSVP is disabled on all interfaces.


interface-name—Name of an interface. To configure all interfaces, specify all. For details about specifying interfaces, see the JUNOS Network Interfaces Configuration Guide.

The remaining statements are explained separately.

Required Privilege Level

routing—To view this statement in the configuration.

routing-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Published: 2010-04-28

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