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flow-active-timeout seconds;

Hierarchy Level

Release Information

Statement introduced before JUNOS Release 7.4.


Interval after which an active flow is exported.

Note: The router must include an Adaptive Services, Multiservices, or Monitoring Services PIC for this statement to take effect.


seconds—Duration of the timeout period.

Range: 60 through 1800 seconds (for forwarding-options configurations); 10 through 600 seconds (for services configurations)
Default: 1800 seconds (for forwarding-options configurations); 60 seconds (for services configurations)

Note: In active flow monitoring, the cflowd records are exported after a time period that is a multiple of 60 seconds and greater than or equal to the configured active timeout value. For example, if the active timeout value is 90 seconds, the cflowd records are exported at 120-second intervals. If the active timeout value is 150 seconds, the cflowd records are exported at 180-second intervals, and so forth.

Usage Guidelines

See Configuring Time Periods when Flow Monitoring is Active and Inactive or Configuring the Version 9 Template Properties.

Required Privilege Level

interface—To view this statement in the configuration.

interface-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Published: 2010-04-28