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Example: Configuring CoS for Tunnels

In Figure 1, Router A acts as a tunnel ingress device. The link between interfaces ge-1/0/0 in Router A and ge-1/3/0 in Router B is the GRE or IP-IP tunnel. Router A monitors the traffic received from interface ge-1/3/0. By way of interface ge-1/0/0, Router C generates traffic to Router B.

Figure 1: CoS with a Tunnel Configuration

Image g015500.gif

Router A

[edit interfaces]ge-1/0/0 {unit 0 {family inet {address;}}}ge-1/0/1 {unit 0 {family inet {filter {input zf-catch-all;}address;}}}gr-2/1/0 {unit 0 {tunnel {source;destination;}family inet {address;}}}ip-2/1/0 {unit 0 {tunnel {source;destination;}family inet {address;}}} [edit routing-options]static {route next-hop gr-2/1/0.0;route next-hop ip-2/1/0.0;} [edit class-of-service]interfaces {ge-1/0/0 {unit 0 {rewrite-rules {inet-precedence zf-tun-rw-ipprec-00;}}}}rewrite-rules {inet-precedence zf-tun-rw-ipprec-00 {forwarding-class best-effort {loss-priority low code-point 000;loss-priority high code-point 001;}forwarding-class expedited-forwarding {loss-priority low code-point 010;loss-priority high code-point 011;}forwarding-class assured-forwarding {loss-priority low code-point 100;loss-priority high code-point 101;}forwarding-class network-control {loss-priority low code-point 110;loss-priority high code-point 111;}}}dscp zf-tun-rw-dscp-00 {forwarding-class best-effort {loss-priority low code-point 000000;loss-priority high code-point 001001;}forwarding-class expedited-forwarding {loss-priority low code-point 010010;loss-priority high code-point 011011;}forwarding-class assured-forwarding {loss-priority low code-point 100100;loss-priority high code-point 101101;}forwarding-class network-control {loss-priority low code-point 110110;loss-priority high code-point 111111;}} [edit firewall]filter zf-catch-all {term term1 {then {loss-priority high;forwarding-class network-control;}}}

Router B

[edit interfaces]ge-1/3/0 {unit 0 {family inet {address;}}}lo0 {unit 0 {family inet {address;}}}

Router C

[edit interfaces]ge-1/0/0 {unit 0 {family inet {address;}}} [edit routing-options]static {route next-hop;route next-hop;}

Published: 2010-04-15

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