Technical Documentation

Example: Configuring the Tag List

In the following example, two tag entries (router1 and router2) are defined at the [edit snmp v3 notify notify-name] hierarchy level. When an event triggers a notification, JUNOS Software sends a trap to all target addresses that have router1 or router2 configured in their target-address tag list. This results in the first two targets getting one trap each, and the third target getting two traps.

[edit snmp v3]notify n1 {tag router1; # Identifies a set of target addressestype trap; # Defines the type of notification}notify n2 {tag router2;type trap;}target-address ta1 {address;address-mask;port 162;tag-list router1;target-parameters tp1;}target-address ta2 {address;address-mask;port 162;tag-list router2;target-parameters tp2;}target-address ta3 {address;address-mask;port 162;tag-list “router1 router2”; #Define multiple tags in the target address tag listtarget-parameters tp3;}

Published: 2010-04-27