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Examples: Displaying System Log Message Descriptions

Display the list of all currently available system log message descriptions:

user@host> help syslog ?
Possible completions:
<syslog-tag>			Syslog tag
	. . . 				 . . .
BOOTPD_ARG_ERR			Command-line option was invalid
BOOTPD_BAD_ID			Request failed because assembly ID was unknown
BOOTPD_BOOTSTRING		tnp.bootpd provided boot string
BOOTPD_CONFIG_ERR		tnp.bootpd could not parse configuration file;
							used default settings
BOOTPD_CONF_OPEN		tnp.bootpd could not open configuration file
BOOTPD_DUP_REV			Extra boot string definitions for revision were
---(more 4%)---

Display the list of all currently available system log message descriptions for tags that begin with the letters ACCT (there is no space between ACCT and the question mark, and some descriptions are shortened for legibility):

user@host> help syslog ACCT?
Possible completions:
<syslog-tag>							System log tag or regular expression
ACCT_ACCOUNTING_FERROR 			Error occurred during file processing
ACCT_ACCOUNTING_FOPEN_ERROR 		Open operation failed on file
ACCT_ACCOUNTING_SMALL_FILE_SIZE	Maximum file size is smaller than ...
ACCT_BAD_RECORD_FORMAT 			Record format does not match accounting profile
ACCT_CU_RTSLIB_ERROR				Error occurred obtaining current class usage ...
ACCT_FORK_ERR							Could not create child process
ACCT_FORK_LIMIT_EXCEEDED			Could not create child process because of limit
ACCT_GETHOSTNAME_ERROR				gethostname function failed
ACCT_MALLOC_FAILURE					Memory allocation failed
ACCT_UNDEFINED_COUNTER_NAME		Filter profile used undefined counter name
ACCT_XFER_FAILED						Attempt to transfer file failed
ACCT_XFER_POPEN_FAIL				File transfer failed

Display the description of the UI_CMDLINE_READ_LINE message:

user@host> help syslog UI_CMDLINE_READ_LINE
Message:			User '<users>', command '<input>'
Help:				User entered command at CLI prompt
Description:	The indicated user typed the indicated command at the CLI
					prompt and pressed the Enter key, sending the command string
					to the management process (mgd).
Type:				Event: This message reports an event, not an error
Severity: 		info

Published: 2010-04-28