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Example: Configuring System Logging

The system log file records when authentication and authorization is granted and rejected, and what user commands are executed. It provides an excellent way to track all management activity on the router. Checking these files for failed authentication events can help identify attempts to hack into the router. These files can also provide logs of all the command executed on the router and who has performed them. You can review logs of the commands executed on the router and correlate any event in the network with changes made at a particular time. These files are stored locally on the router. Place the firewall logs in a separate system log file.

The following example shows how to configure a system log file:

[edit]system {syslog {file messages {any notice;authorization info;daemon any;kernel any;archive size 10m files 5 no-world-readable;}file authorization-commands {authorization any;interactive-commands any;}file firewall-logs {firewall any;}}}

Published: 2010-04-26