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Example: SNMPv3 Traps Configuration for Subscriber Secure Policy Mirroring

This example shows an SNMP configuration that provides SNMPv3 trap support.

Configure the SNMPv3 trap support at the [edit snmp] hierarchy level.

view system {oid include;}view all {oid .1 include;}v3 {notify n1 {type trap;tag mediation8; }notify-filter nf1 {oid .1 include;}target-address london-1 {address; # Address of the mediation device receiving the trapsport 162;tag-list mediation-8; target-parameters tp1 {parameters {message-processing-model v3;security-model usm;security-level authentication;security-name mediation-device1; # Name of the mediation device}notify-filter nf1;}}usm {local-engine {user mediation-device1 { # Name of the mediation deviceauthentication-md5 {authentication-key"yourAuthenticationKey}privacy-des {privacy-password “yourPrivacyPassword}}}}vacm {access {group london-10 {default-context-prefix {security-model usm {security-level privacy {read-view system;notify-view all;}}}}}security-to-group {security-model usm {security-name mediation-device1 { # Name of the mediation devicegroup london-10;}}}}}

Published: 2010-04-15