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Example: Configuring a Dynamic PPPoE Subscriber Interface on a Static Gigabit Ethernet VLAN Interface

This example shows how to configure a dynamic PPPoE subscriber interface on a statically configured Gigabit Ethernet VLAN underlying interface. When a PPPoE subscriber logs in on the underlying interface, the router creates the dynamic PPPoE subscriber interface with the attributes specified in the dynamic profile.

In this example, the dynamic PPPoE profile, pppoe-profile-east, defines options for PPPoE subscribers accessing the network, and includes the predefined dynamic variables $junos-interface-unit, which represents the logical unit number of the dynamic PPPoE logical interface, and $junos-underlying-interface, which represents the name of the underlying Ethernet interface. The pppoe-profile-east dynamic profile is assigned to the underlying Ethernet VLAN interface ge-2/0/3.1 that is configured with PPPoE (ppp-over-ether) encapsulation.

When the router dynamically creates the PPPoE subscriber interface on ge-2/0/3.1 in response to a subscriber login, the values of $junos-interface-unit and $junos-underlying-interface are dynamically replaced with the actual logical unit number and interface name, respectively, that are supplied by the network when the PPPoE subscriber logs in.

To configure a dynamic PPPoE subscriber interface:

  1. Configure a dynamic profile to define the attributes of the dynamic PPPoE subscriber interface.
    [edit]dynamic-profiles {pppoe-profile-east {interfaces {pp0 {unit "$junos-interface-unit" {ppp-options {chap;}pppoe-options {underlying-interface "$junos-underlying-interface";server;}keepalives interval 30;family inet {filter {input pppoe-input-filter-east;output pppoe-output-filter-east precedence 20;}service {input {service-set inputService-east;post-service-filter postService-east;}output {service-set outputService-east;}}address;unnumbered-address lo0.0;}}}}}}
  2. Assign the dynamic PPPoE profile to the static underlying Ethernet interface, and define PPPoE-specific attributes for the underlying interface.
    [edit]interfaces {ge-2/0/3 {vlan-tagging;unit 1 {encapsulation ppp-over-ether;vlan-id 100;pppoe-underlying-options {access-concentrator server-east;duplicate-protection;dynamic-profile pppoe-profile-east;max-sessions 10;}}}}

Published: 2010-04-15