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Example: Configuring an Address-Assignment Pool

This example shows an address-assignment pool configuration that creates two pools, one for IPv4 DHCP clients (isp_1) , and a second pool (chi-fiber-ra) that is used for router advertisement.

[edit access]address-assignment {network-discovery-router-advertisement chi-fiber-ra;pool isp_1 { family inet {network;range southeast {low high;}range northeast {low high;}host {hardware-address 90:00:00:01:00:01;ip-address;}dhcp-attributes {option-match {option-82 {circuit-id fiber range northeast;}option-82 {circuit-id cable_net range southeast;}}boot-file boot.client;boot-server;grace-period 3600;maximum-lease-time 18000;netbios-node-type p-node;router;}}}pool chi-fiber-ra {family inet6 {prefix 2008:2009:2010::/48;range fiber3 {low 2008:2009:2010::1/64;high 2008:2009:2010::5/64;}}}}

This example creates an IPv4 address-assignment pool named isp-1, which contains two named address ranges, southeast and northeast. The address-assignment pool also contains a static binding for client host The ISP_1 pool configuration also includes the dhcp-attributes statement, indicating that the pool is used for DHCP clients. If the option 82 circuit-id entry matches the string fiber, then DHCP assigns the client an address from the northeast range. If the option 82 circuit-id matches the string cable_net, DHCP assigns an address from the southeast range.

The second address-assignment pool created in this example is chi-fiber-ra. The neighbor-discovery-router-advertisement statement at the beginning of the syntax specifies that this named address-assignment pool is used for router advertisement. The syntax at the end of the example configures the address-assignment pool named chi-fiber-ra.

Published: 2010-04-26