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Example: Configuring SNMPv3

The following example shows how to configure Simple Network Management Protocol version 3 (SNMPv3) on a router running JUNOS Software:

[edit snmp]engine-id {use-fxp0-mac-address;}view jnxAlarms {oid include;}view interfaces {oid include;}view ping-mib {oid include;}[edit snmp v3]notify n1 {tag router1; # Identifies a set of target addressestype trap;# Defines type of notification}notify n2 {tag host1;type trap;}notify-filter nf1 {oid .1 include; # Defines which traps (or which objects for which traps) are sent. In this case, includes all traps}notify-filter nf2 {oid include; # Sends enterprise-specific traps only}notify-filter nf3 { oid include; # Sends BGP traps only}snmp-community index1 {community-name "$9$JOZi.QF/AtOz3"; # SECRET-DATAsecurity-name john; # Matches the security name at the target-parameterstag host1; # Finds the addresses that can be used with this community string}target-address ta1 { # Associates the target address with the group san-franciscoaddress;address-mask; # Defines the range of addressesport 162;tag-list router1;target-parameters tp1;# Applies configured target parameterstarget-address ta2 {address;address-mask;port 162;tag-list host1;target-parameters tp2;}target-address ta3 {address;address-mask;port 162;tag-list [router1 host1];target-parameters tp3;}target-parameters tp1 { # Defines the target parametersnotify-filter nf1; # Specifies which notify filter to applyparameters {message-processing-model v1;security-model v1‘;security-level none;security-name john; # Matches the security name configured at the [edit snmp v3 snmp-community community-index] hierarchy level}}target-parameters tp2 {notify-filter nf2;parameters {message-processing-model v1;security-model v1;security-level none;security-name john;}}target-parameters tp3 {notify-filter nf3;parameters {message-processing-model v1;security-model v1;security-level none;security-name john;}}usm {local-engine { # Defines authentication and encryption foruser user1 { # SNMPv3 usersauthentication-md5 {authentication-password authentication-password;}privacy-des {privacy-password password;}}user user2 {authentication-sha {authentication-password authentication-password;}privacy-none;}user user3 {authentication-none;privacy-none;}user user4 {authentication-md5 {authentication-password authentication-password;}privacy-3des {privacy-password password;}}user user5 {authentication-sha {authentication-password authentication-password;}privacy-aes128 {privacy-password password;}}vacm {access {group san-francisco {# Defines the access privileges for the groupdefault-context-prefix { # san-franciscosecurity-model v1 {security-level none {notify-view ping-mib;read-view interfaces;write-view jnxAlarms;}}}}security-to-group {security-model v1 {security-name john {# Assigns john to the security group san-franciscogroup san-francisco; }security-name bob {group new-york;}security-name elizabeth {group chicago;}}

Published: 2010-04-26

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