Technical Documentation

Example: Per-Node Rewriting of EXP Bits

To configure a custom table to rewrite the EXP bits, also known as CoS bits, on a particular node, the classifier table and the rewrite table must specify exactly the same CoS values.

In addition, the least significant bit of the CoS value itself must represent the PLP value. For example, CoS value 000 must be associated with PLP low, 001 must be associated with PLP high, and so forth.

This example configures a custom table to rewrite the EXP bits on a particular node:

[edit class-of-service]classifiers {exp exp-class {forwarding-class be {loss-priority low code-points 000;loss-priority high code-points 001;}forwarding-class af {loss-priority low code-points 010;loss-priority high code-points 011;}forwarding-class ef {loss-priority low code-points 100;loss-priority high code-points 101;}forwarding-class nc {loss-priority low code-points 110;loss-priority high code-points 111;}}}rewrite-rules {exp exp-rw {forwarding-class be {loss-priority low code-point 000;loss-priority high code-point 001;}forwarding-class af {loss-priority low code-point 010;loss-priority high code-point 011;}forwarding-class ef {loss-priority low code-point 100;loss-priority high code-point 101;}forwarding-class nc {loss-priority low code-point 110;loss-priority high code-point 111;}}}

Published: 2010-04-15