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Example: Configuring Register Message Filters on PIM RPs and DRs

Configure an RP filter to drop the register packets for multicast group range from source address

protocols {pim {rp {rp-register-policy incoming-policy-for-rp;local {address;}}}}policy-options {policy-statement incoming-policy-for-rp {from {route-filter orlonger;source-address-filter exact;then reject;}}}

Configure a DR filter to prevent sending register packets for group range and source address

protocols {pim {rp {dr-register-policy outgoing-policy-for-dr;static {address;}}}}policy-options {policy-statement outgoing-policy-for-rp {from {route-filter orlonger;source-address-filter exact;then reject;}}}

More complex register message filtering is possible. This example configures a policy expression to accept register messages for multicast group but reject those for

protocols {pim {rp {rp-register-policy [ reject_224_1_1_1 | accept_224_1_1_5 ];local {address;}}}}policy-options {policy-statement reject_224_1_1_1 {from {route-filter orlonger;source-address-filter exact;then reject;}policy-statement accept_224_1_1_5 {term one {from {route-filter exact;source-address-filter exact;}then accept;}term two {then reject;}}}}

Published: 2010-04-16

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