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Example: Creating a Named Scope for Multicast Scoping

This example configures multicast scoping with the scope statement, creating four scopes: local, organization, engineering, and marketing.

If you have a Tunnel Physical Interface Card (PIC) in your router and you configure a tunnel interface to use IP-IP encapsulation, you can configure the local scope. For more information about configuring tunnel interfaces, see the JUNOS Network Interfaces Configuration Guide.

Configure the organization scope on an IP-IP encapsulation tunnel interface and a SONET/SDH interface. Configure the engineering and marketing scopes on an IP-IP encapsulation tunnel interface and two SONET/SDH interfaces. The JUNOS Software can scope any user-configurable IPv6 or IPv4 group.

[edit]routing-options {multicast {scope local {interface gr-2/1/0;prefix fe00::;}scope organization {interface [ gr-2/1/0 so-0/0/0 ];prefix;}scope engineering {interface [ ip-2/1/0 so-0/0/1 so-0/0/2 ];prefix;}scope marketing {interface [ gr-2/1/0 so-0/0/2 so-1/0/0 ];prefix;}}}

To verify that group scoping is in effect, issue the show multicast scope command:

user@host> show multicast scope
Scope nameGroup prefixInterfaceRejects
organization239.192.0.0/14gr-2/1/0 so-0/0/00
engineering239.255.255.0/24ip-2/1/0 so-0/0/1 so-0/0/20
marketing239.255.254.0/24gr-2/1/0 so-0/0/2 so-1/0/00

For more information about the show multicast scope command, see the JUNOS Routing Protocols and Policies Command Reference.

Published: 2010-04-16