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Example: Configuring an Explicit-Path LSP

On the ingress router, create an explicit-path LSP, and specify the transit routers between the ingress and egress routers. In this configuration, no constrained-path computation is performed. For the primary path, all intermediate hops are strictly specified so that its route cannot change. The secondary path must travel through router first, then take whatever route is available to reach the destination. The remaining route taken by the secondary path is typically the shortest path computed by the IGP.

[edit] interfaces {so-0/0/0 {unit 0 {family mpls;}}}protocols {rsvp {interface so-0/0/0;}mpls {path to-hastings { strict; strict; strict; strict;}path alt-hastings { strict; loose; # Any IGP route is acceptable}label-switched-path hastings {to;hop-limit 32;bandwidth 10m; # Reserve 10 Mbpsno-cspf; # do not perform constrained-path computationprimary to-hastings;secondary alt-hastings; }interface so-0/0/0;}}

Published: 2010-04-28