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Examples: Using the JUNOS CLI Command Completion

The following examples show how you can use the command completion feature in JUNOS Software. Issue the show interfaces command:

user@host> sh<Space>ow i<Space>
'i' is ambiguous.
Possible completions:
igmp                   Show information about IGMP
interface              Show interface information
isis                   Show information about IS-IS

user@host> show in<Space>terfaces
Physical interface: at-0/1/0, Enabled, Physical link is Up
Interface index: 11, SNMP ifIndex: 65
Link-level type: ATM-PVC, MTU: 4482, Clocking: Internal, SONET mode
Speed: OC12, Loopback: None, Payload scrambler: Enabled
Device flags: Present Running
Link flags: 0x01


Display a list of all log files whose names start with the string “messages,” and then display the contents of one of the files:

user@myhost> show log mes?
Possible completions:
  <filename>Log file to display
messagesSize: 1417052, Last changed: Mar 3 00:33
messages.0.gzSize:  145575, Last changed: Mar 3 00:00
messages.1.gzSize:  134253, Last changed: Mar 2 23:00
messages.10.gzSize: 137022, Last changed: Mar 2 14:00
messages.2.grSize:  137112, Last changed: Mar 2 22:00
messages.3.gzSize:  121633, Last changed: Mar 2 21:00
messages.4.gzSize:  135715, Last changed: Mar 2 20:00
messages.5.gzSize:  137504, Last changed: Mar 2 19:00
messages.6.gzSize:  134591, Last changed: Mar 2 18:00
messages.7.gzSize:  132670, Last changed: Mar 2 17:00
messages.8.gzSize:  136596, Last changed: Mar 2 16:00
messages.9.gzSize:  136210, Last changed: Mar 2 15:00

user@myhost> show log mes<Tab>sages.4<Tab>.gz<Enter>
Jan 15 21:00:00 myhost newsyslog[1381]: logfile turned over

Published: 2010-04-27

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