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Sample Task—Manage Snapshots

Figure 1 shows a Maintain>Snapshot page that allows you to back up the currently running and active file system on a standby storage device that is not running. In this example, you are taking the snapshot to replace the current primary boot device on the routing platform. A compact flash is connected to the USB port on the J Series routing platform with a USB adapter.

To take the snapshot:

  1. Select Maintain>Snapshot from the task bar.
  2. Next to Advanced options, click the expand icon (see Figure 1).
  3. Select compact-flash from the Target Media list to specify the storage device to copy the snapshot to.
  4. Next to As Primary Media, select the check box to create a storage medium to be used in the internal compact flash slot only.
  5. Click Snapshot.

Figure 1: Manage Snapshots Page

Image s041140.gif

Published: 2010-04-29