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Sample Task—Filtering and Viewing Events

Figure 1 shows the View Events page displaying filtered events. In this example, you are typing UI_CHILD_EXITED in the Event ID box and clicking Search. The Event Summary displays messages with the UI_CHILD_EXITED event ID only. You can view the following information about the events:

  • Messages displayed are green. The green color and context-sensitive help indicate that the message severity level is notice and the event type is error. This information means that the condition causing the message is an error or failure and might require corrective action.
  • The events were generated by the management process (mgd).
  • The Event Description column displays a brief description of the event, and the help description provides information about the cause of the event.

Figure 1: J-Web View Events Page

Image s041189.gif

Published: 2010-04-29

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