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Example: Configuring Channelized STM1 Interfaces

The following configuration is sufficient to get the Channelized STM1-to-E1 PIC interface up and running. The channelized STM1-to-E1 interface is an STM1 that is divided into 63 E1 interfaces. E1 interfaces can use the following encapsulation types:

  • Frame Relay, Frame Relay CCC, and Frame Relay TCC
  • Cisco HDLC, Cisco HDLC CCC, and Cisco HDLC TCC

The channels can also have logical interfaces. For information about Frame Relay DLCI limitations for channelized interfaces, see Data-Link Connection Identifiers on Channelized Interfaces. For more information about Frame Relay DLCIs, see Configuring Frame Relay DLCIs. For more information about DLCI sparse mode, see the JUNOS System Basics Configuration Guide.

You apply all STM1 interface SONET/SDH options to the first E1 interface in the configuration by including the sonet-options statement at the [edit interfaces e1-fpc/pic/port:channel] hierarchy level:

[edit]interfaces {e1-fpc/pic/port:0 {encapsulation cisco-hdlc;sonet-options {no-z0-increment;}e1-options {framing g704;}unit 0 {family inet {address;}}}e1-fpc/pic/port:1 {encapsulation frame-relay;e1-options {framing g704;}unit 1 {dlci 16;family inet {address;}}}e1-fpc/pic/port:2 {encapsulation ppp;no-keepalives;unit 0 {family inet {address;}}}}[edit]chassis {fpc 2 {pic 0 {vtmapping klm;}}}

Published: 2010-04-20