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Example: Configuring Channelized OC12 Interfaces with Partitioned Channels

The following configuration is sufficient to get the channelized OC12 interface up and running. The OC12 interface can be divided into 12 channels. DS3 channels can use the following encapsulation types:

  • Frame Relay, Frame Relay CCC, and Frame Relay TCC
  • Cisco HDLC, Cisco HDLC CCC, and Cisco HDLC TCC

The channels can also have logical interfaces.

[edit interfaces]t3-fpc/pic/port:0 {encapsulation cisco-hdlc;t3-options {compatibility-mode larscom;payload-scrambler;}unit 0 {family inet {address;}family iso;}}t3-fpc/pic/port:1 {encapsulation ppp;t3-options {compatibility-mode larscom;payload-scrambler;}unit 0 {family inet {address;}family iso;}}t3-fpc/pic/port:2 {encapsulation frame-relay;t3-options {compatibility-mode larscom;payload-scrambler;}unit 0 {dlci 100;family inet {address;}family iso;}unit 1 {dlci 101;family inet {address;}family iso;}}t3-1fpc/pic/port:3 {encapsulation cisco-hdlc-ccc;t3-options {compatibility-mode larscom;payload-scrambler;}unit 0;}t3-fpc/pic/port:4 {encapsulation ppp-ccc;t3-options {compatibility-mode larscom;payload-scrambler;}unit 0;}t3-fpc/pic/port:5 {dce;encapsulation frame-relay-ccc;t3-options {compatibility-mode larscom;payload-scrambler;}unit 0 {encapsulation frame-relay-ccc;dlci 1000;}unit 1 {encapsulation frame-relay-ccc;dlci 1001;}}

Published: 2010-04-20

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