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Example: Configuring ATM-to-Ethernet Interworking

The following example shows the configuration of the ATM and Ethernet interfaces for an ATM-to-Ethernet interworking cross connect. In the example ATM DSLAM traffic is terminated on an ATM2 interface. The ATM traffic is forwarded using encapsulation type vlan-vci-ccc to a local Ethernet IQ2 and IQ2-E interface. See the topology in Figure 1.

Figure 1: ATM-to-Ethernet Interworking

Image g016866.gif

In this example, the ATM traffic comes from the DSLAM to the router on ATM interface at-4/0/0 and is forwarded out on Ethernet interface ge-2/2/1.

[edit interfaces]ge-2/2/1 {vlan-vci-tagging;encapsulation vlan-vci-ccc;unit 0 {encapsulation vlan-vci-ccc;vlan-id 100;inner-vlan-id-range start 100 end 500;}}at-4/0/0 {atm-options {vpi 100;}unit 0 {encapsulation vlan-vci-ccc;family ccc;vpi 100;vci-range start 100 end 500;}}

Published: 2010-04-20

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