Technical Documentation

Example: Configuring Aggregated Ethernet Interfaces

Aggregated Ethernet interfaces can use interfaces from different FPCs, DPCs, or PICs. The following configuration is sufficient to get an aggregated Gigabit Ethernet interface up and running.

[edit chassis]aggregated-devices {ethernet {device-count 15;}}
[edit interfaces]ge-1/3/0 {gigether-options {802.3ad ae0;}}ge-2/0/1 {gigether-options {802.3ad ae0;}}ae0 {aggregated-ether-options {link-speed 1g;minimum-links 1;}}vlan-tagging;unit 0 {vlan-id 1;family inet {address;}}unit 1 {vlan-id 1024;family inet {address;}}unit 2 {vlan-id 1025;family inet {address;}}unit 3 {vlan-id 4094;family inet {address;}}}

Published: 2010-04-20