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Example: Configuring a Demux Interface

Configure two VLANs, each with two IP demux interfaces. One VLAN demultiplexes based on the source address; the other VLAN demultiplexes based on the destination address.

Note: This example is not intended to depict any realistic deployment; it is intended to demonstrate many possible CLI variations.

[edit]interfaces {fe-0/0/0 {vlan-tagging;unit 100 {vlan-id 100;demux-source inet; # Enable demux of inet prefixesfamily inet {address;filter {input vlan1-primary-in-filter;output vlan1-primary-out-filter;}mac-validate loose;}}unit 200 {vlan-id 200;demux-destination inet; # Enable demux of inet using destination addressesfamily inet {address;}}unit 300 {vlan-id 300;demux-source inet; # Enable demux of inet using source addressesfamily inet {address;}}}demux0 {unit 101 {description vlan1-sub1;demux-options {underlying-interface fe-0/0/0.100;}family inet {demux-source;filter {input vlan1-sub1-in-filter;output vlan1-sub1-out-filter;}mac-validate loose;}}unit 102 {description vlan1-sub2;demux-options {underlying-interface fe-0/0/0.100;}family inet {demux-source {;;}filter {input vlan1-sub2-in-filter;output vlan1-sub2-out-filter;}mac-validate loose;}}unit 202 {description vlan2-sub2;demux-options {underlying-interface fe-0/0/0.200;}family inet {demux-destination;}}unit 302 {description vlan2-sub2;demux-options {underlying-interface fe-0/0/0.300;}family inet {demux-source;}}}}

Published: 2010-04-20