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Example: Using Comments in JUNOS Operational Mode Commands

The following example shows how to use comments in a file:

#Command 1: Show the router versionshow version#Command 2: Show all router interfacesshow interfaces terse

The following example shows how to copy and paste contents of a file into the CLI:

user@host> #Command 1: Show the router version user@host> show versionHostname: myhostModel: m5JUNOS Base OS boot [6.4-20040511.0]JUNOS Base OS Software Suite [6.4-20040511.0]JUNOS Kernel Software Suite [6.4-20040511.0]JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (M5/M10) [6.4-20040511.0] JUNOS Routing Software Suite [6.4-20040511.0] JUNOS Online Documentation [6.4-20040511.0] JUNOS Crypto Software Suite [6.4-20040511.0]user@host> # Command 2: Show all router interfaces user@host> show interfaces terseInterface Admin Link Proto Local Remotefe-0/0/0 up upfe-0/0/1 up downfe-0/0/2 up downmo-0/1/0 upmo-0/1/0.16383 up up inet --> up upso-0/2/1 up updsc up upfxp0 up upfxp0.0 up up inet up upfxp1.0 up up tnp 4gre up upipip up uplo0 up uplo0.0 up up inet --> 0/0lo0.16385 up up inet

Published: 2010-01-17