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Examples: Using Command Completion in Configuration Mode

List the configuration mode commands:


user@host# ?
  <[Enter]>            Execute this command
  activate             Remove the inactive tag from a statement
  annotate             Annotate the statement with a comment
  commit               Commit current set of changes
  copy                 Copy a statement
  deactivate           Add the inactive tag to a statement
  delete               Delete a data element
  edit                 Edit a sub-element
  exit                 Exit from this level
  extension            Extension operations
  help                 Provide help information
  insert               Insert a new ordered data element
  load                 Load configuration from ASCII file
  quit                 Quit from this level
  rename               Rename a statement
  replace              Replace character string in configuration
  rollback             Roll back to previous committed configuration
  run                  Run an operational-mode command
  save                 Save configuration to ASCII file
  set                  Set a parameter
  show                 Show a parameter
  status               Show users currently editing configuration
  top                  Exit to top level of configuration
  up                   Exit one level of configuration
  wildcard             Wildcard operations

List all the statements available at a particular hierarchy level:


user@host# edit ?
Possible completions:
> accounting-options  Accounting data configuration
> chassis             Chassis configuration
> class-of-service    Class-of-service configuration
> firewall            Define a firewall configuration
> forwarding-options  Configure options to control packet sampling 
> groups              Configuration groups
> interfaces          Interface configuration
> policy-options      Routing policy option configuration
> protocols           Routing protocol configuration
> routing-instances   Routing instance configuration
> routing-options     Protocol-independent routing option configuration
> snmp                Simple Network Management Protocol
> system              System parameters

user@host# edit protocols ?
Possible completions:
<[Enter]>          Execute this command
> bgp              BGP options
> connections      Circuit cross-connect configuration
> dvmrp            DVMRP options
> igmp             IGMP options
> isis             IS-IS options
> ldp              LDP options
> mpls             Multiprotocol Label Switching options
> msdp             MSDP options
> ospf             OSPF configuration
> pim              PIM options
> rip              RIP options
> router-discovery ICMP router discovery options
> rsvp             RSVP options
> sapSession       Advertisement Protocol options
> vrrp             VRRP options
|                  Pipe through a command


user@host# edit protocols

List all commands that start with a particular letter or string:

user@host# edit routing-options a?
Possible completions:
> aggregate           Coalesced routes
> autonomous-system   Autonomous system number


user@host# edit routing-options a

List all configured Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) interfaces:


user@host# edit interfaces at?
<interface_name>     Interface name
  at-0/2/0             Interface name
  at-0/2/1             Interface name
user@host# edit interfaces at   

Display a list of all configured policy statements:


user@host# show policy-options policy-statement ?
Possible completions: 
  <policy_name>        Name to identify a policy filter
user@host# show policy-options policy-statement

Published: 2010-01-17

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