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Example: Configuring a Layer 2 Circuit on a VLAN-Bundled Logical Interface

The following configuration shows that the single-tag logical interface ge-1/0/5.0 bundles a list of VLAN IDs, and the logical interface ge-1/1/1.0 supports IPv4 traffic using IP address and can participate in an MPLS path.

[edit interfaces]ge-1/0/5 {vlan-tagging;encapsulation extended-vlan-ccc;unit 0 { # VLAN-bundled logical interfacevlan-id-list [513 516 520-525];}}ge-1/1/1 {unit 0 {family inet {address;}family mpls;}}

The following configuration shows the type of traffic supported on the Layer 2 VPN routing instance, and shows that the VLAN-bundled logical interface handles traffic for a CCC to which the Layer 2 circuit connects:

[edit protocols]rsvp {interface all;interface lo0.0;}mpls {label-switched-path lsp {to;}interface all;}ospf {traffic-engineering;area {interface lo0.0;interface ge-1/1/1.0;}}ldp {interface ge-1/1/1.0;interface ge-1/0/5.0; # VLAN-bundled logical interfaceinterface lo0.0;}l2circuit {neighbor {interface ge-1/0/5.0 { # VLAN-bundled logical interfacevirtual-circuit-id 3;no-control-word;}}}

Published: 2010-04-20