Technical Documentation

Example: Using Option 60 Strings to Drop DHCP Client Traffic

This example extended DHCP relay agent configuration shows how to use the option 60 vendor-specific information in DHCP client packets to drop client traffic. Specifying that certain DHCP client packets be dropped can be useful when DHCP clients request services that are invalid or no longer supported.

[edit forwarding-options]dhcp-relay {server-group {sp-1 {;}}active-server-group sp-1;relay-option-60 {vendor-option {drop;}}group all {interface fe-0/0/2.0;}}

In this example, all DHCP client packets containing option 60 information are discarded (dropped), and all packets that do not contain option 60 information are relayed to the currently configured active server group, sp-1.

Published: 2010-04-15