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Example: Extended DHCP Local Server Configuration with Optional Pool Matching

This example shows an extended DHCP local server configuration that includes optional IPv4 address-assignment pool matching and interface groups. For pool matching, this configuration specifies that the DHCP local server first check the response from an external authentication authority (for example, RADIUS) and use the Framed-IPv6-Pool attribute to determine the address-assignment pool to use for the client address. If no external authority match is found, the DHCP local server then uses ip-address-first matching together with the option 82 information to match the named address range for client IPv4 address assignment. The option 82 matching must also be included in the address-assignment pool configuration.

[edit system services]dhcp-local-server {group group_one {interface fe-0/0/2.0;interface fe-0/0/2.1;}group group_two {interface fe-0/0/3.0;interface fe-0/0/3.1;}pool-match-order {external-authorityip-address-first;option-82;}}

Published: 2010-04-15

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