Technical Documentation

Example: Configuring CoS Rules

The following example show a CoS configuration containing two rules, one for input matching on a specified application set and the other for output matching on a specified source address:

[edit services]cos {application-profile cosprofile {ftp {data {dscp af11;forwarding-class 1;}}}application-profile cosrevprofile {ftp {data {dscp af22;}}}rule cosrule {match-direction input;term costerm {from {source-address {any-unicast;}applications junos-ftp;}then {dscp af33;forwarding-class 3;application-profile cosprofile;reverse {dscp af43;application-profile cosrevprofile;}}}}}stateful-firewall {rule r1 {match-direction input;term t1 {from {application-sets junos-algs-outbound;}then {accept;}}term t2 {then {accept;}}}service-set test {stateful-firewall-rules r1;cos-rules cosrule;interface-service {service-interface sp-1/3/0;}}}

Published: 2010-04-15