Technical Documentation

Example: Configuring a CoS Policy for IPv6 Packets

  1. Define a new classifier of type DSCP IPv6.
    [edit class-of-service]classifiers {dscp-ipv6 core-dscp-map {forwarding-class best-effort {loss-priority low code-points 000000;}forwarding-class assured-forwarding {loss-priority low code-points 001010;}forwarding-class network-control {loss-priority low code-points 110000;}}}
  2. Define a new rewrite rule of type DSCP IPv6.
    [edit class-of-service]rewrite-rules {dscp-ipv6 core-dscp-rewrite {forwarding-class best-effort {loss-priority low code-point 000000;}forwarding-class assured-forwarding {loss-priority low code-point 001010;}forwarding-class network-control {loss-priority low code-point 110000;}}}
  3. Assign the classifier and rewrite rule to a logical interface.
    [edit class-of-service]interfaces {so-2/0/0 {unit 0 {classifiers { # Both dscp and dscp-ipv6 classifiers on this interface.dscp default;dscp-ipv6 core-dscp-map;}rewrite-rules { # Both dscp and dscp-ipv6 rewrite rules on this interface.dscp default;dscp-ipv6 core-dscp-rewrite;}}}}

Published: 2010-04-15