Technical Documentation

Example: Configuring CoS-Based Forwarding for Different Traffic Types

One common use for CoS-based forwarding and next-hop maps is to enforce different handling for different traffic types, such as voice and video. For example, an LSP-based next hop can be used for voice and video, and a non-LSP next-hop can be used for best effort traffic.

Only the forwarding policy is shown in this example:

[edit class-of-service]forwarding-policy {next-hop-map ldp-map {forwarding-class expedited-forwarding {lsp-next-hop voice;non-lsp-next-hop;}forwarding-class assured-forwarding {lsp-next-hop video;non-lsp-next-hop;}forwarding-class best-effort {non-lsp-next-hop;discard;}}}

Published: 2010-04-15