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Example: Mapping Forwarding Classes to CoS Queues on 10-port 10-Gigabit Oversubscribed Ethernet PICs

The 10-port 10-Gigabit OSE PICs support eight CoS queues per port in the egress direction. To map forwarding classes to the eight CoS queues in egress, include the following statements at the [edit class-of-service] hierarchy level:

[edit class-of-service forwarding-classes] {class fc-be queue-num 0;class fc-be1 queue-num 1;class fc-ef queue-num 2;class fc-ef1 queue-num 3;class fc-af11 queue-num 4;class fc-af12 queue-num 5;class fc-nc1 queue-num 6;class fc-nc2 queue-num 7;}

The 10-port 10-Gigabit OSE PICs support four ingress queues per physical interface. The PICs use restricted-queues configuration to map multiple forwarding classes to the four queues. There are no queues at the logical interface level. In the following example, two forwarding classes are mapped to one queue.

[edit class-of-service restricted-queues] {forwarding-class fc-be queue-num 0;forwarding-class fc-be1 queue-num 0;forwarding-class fc-ef queue-num 1;forwarding-class fc-ef1 queue-num 1;forwarding-class fc-af11 queue-num 2;forwarding-class fc-af12 queue-num 2;forwarding-class fc-nc1 queue-num 3;forwarding-class fc-nc2 queue-num 3;}

Published: 2010-04-15