Technical Documentation

Example: Configuring User Accounts

The following example shows how to create accounts for four router users, and create an account for the template user “remote.” All users use one of the default system login classes. User alexander also has two DSA public keys configured for SSH authentication.

[edit]system {login {user philip {full-name “Philip of Macedonia”; uid 1001; class super-user; authentication {encrypted-password “$1$poPPeY”; }}user alexander {full-name “Alexander the Great”;uid 1002;class view;authentication {encrypted-password “$1$14c5.$sBopasdFFdssdfFFdsdfs0”;ssh-dsa “8924 37 5678 5678@gaugamela.per”;ssh-dsa “6273 94 9283@boojum.per”;}}user darius {full-name “Darius King of Persia”;uid 1003;class operator;authentication {ssh-rsa “1024 37 12341234@ecbatana.per”;}}user anonymous {class unauthorized;}user remote {full-name “All remote users”;uid 9999;class read-only;}}}

Published: 2010-04-26